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Our $100 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway Celebration

By Clay Boggess on Jun 19, 2015
Our $100 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway Celebration

Big Fundraising Ideas Celebrates Another Amazon Gift Card Winner

Today we’ve officially launched our first giveaway under our new company name, Big Fundraising Ideas. We’re also very excited to announce our recently updated website as well. The timing is perfect. We want our July 4th gift card giveaway to be somewhat symbolic because we’re celebrating the beginning of a new chapter.

Formally known as Big Event Fundraising, we felt that a change was in order as our program offerings have continued to expand over time. When we started in the school fundraising business in 1999 we became known for our big event prize programs.

These programs include our super party, magic show, reptile adventures and super splash party and are brought into schools as a reward for making sales out of a brochure. Students who reach an easily obtainable goal get to attend their school's big event once their fundraiser is over. Uniquely different from a traditional prize program, these 4 prize programs have helped numerous schools significantly improve their sales.

Big Event Fundraising is Stronger than Ever

The Big Event Fundraising name isn’t going away. Far from it. It will now simply help us better distinguish what makes our 4 big event prize programs unique. Big Event Fundraising is simply fundraising using a big event as the incentive. It’s now one segment of our business, albeit a very important one.

Big Fundraising Ideas is All Inclusive

We’ve grown to where we now work with close to 20 packing companies and offer over 70 programs. Big Fundraising Ideas now offers several programs that can schools reach their sales goals. We feel that the sum of our program portfolio is now big enough to warrant the new name. And by the way, please don’t forget to help us celebrate by entering our gift card giveaway. But don't tarry because the giveaway ends on July 3rd.

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