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3 Additional Ways to Make School Fundraising Sales

By Clay Boggess on Jun 16, 2011
3 Additional Ways to Make School Fundraising Sales

Simple ways to bring in extra money

It used to be that the only way to make a sale was to walk up to people directly and ask them to buy. While meeting with neighbors, family and friends is still a great strategy, more successful sellers have incorporated 3 additional ways to make school fundraising sales.

After all, you can only approach so many people with a brochure in your hand. And even though in person selling can be effective, it’s definitely hard work.

Here are 3 ways you can bring in more sales without having to reinvent the wheel.

1. Utilize Online Fundraising

Why are some students successful at reaching the higher prize levels? It’s because they're able to make sales in person, as well as online. To get more students involved with online selling, schools should:

  • Send an online information letter home to parents.
  • Tell students to invite family and friends to buy online.
  • Regularly remind students about the online store.

2. Get Others Involved

In addition to students approaching family and friends, they should also be encouraged to get their family members involved in the selling. It's not uncommon for students to ask their parents to take the brochure to work. Also, why not ask other people, like older siblings and close relatives to help? The more people that students can get to help them make sales, the better.

3. Leverage Social Media

Using social media like Facebook and Twitter can cause help get the word out. Why not send a message out to your friends and followers with a link to your fundraiser’s online store? Make sure to make your message personable and relevant, but simple.

Because of new technology, the potential to make additional school fundraising sales has never been greater. The key is to work smart, as well as hard.

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