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5 Creative Schools Fundraising Ideas Your Community Will Love

By Clay Boggess on Feb 4, 2023
Schools Fundraising Ideas

Fun and Creative School Fundraising Ideas for Your Next Campaign.

Schools always have a reason to fundraise. They need money for new books, an upcoming field trip, or a special event. The list goes on and on. Yet, most schools fall back on the same campaigns over and over again. Don't settle for the same boring fundraiser! Try something new with creative fundraising ideas for schools.

Creative Fundraising Ideas

There is a myriad of ways to fundraise. Campaigns can include selling products, hosting an event, launching an online campaign, or directly asking for donations. There are several popular methods of doing this, for example, selling candy bars or hosting a walk-a-thon. But we're encouraging you to mix it up! Try something new with a fundraising idea all of your own. We've developed a few creative campaign ideas to get you started.

1. Virtual Gala

Host a virtual gala via Zoom or another streaming platform. Online fundraising event options are endless. Think wine tasting, poker night, virtual gaming, or keynote presentations. Take it up a notch by mailing event packages to participants, including snacks, beverages, game pieces, and more.

2. Trade and Barter Day

Encourage students and community members to practice and share their favorite skills in exchange for donations. The local sewist can sew old clothing, the crafty student can sell their homemade works, and in exchange for the product or service received, customers donate to your school's cause.

3. Amazon Smile

‘Amazon Smile’ is an often overlooked fundraising option that has the potential to reap significant rewards with little effort needed. Register your organization with the program and spread the word. Every purchase through Amazon Smile with your organization selected sends a portion of proceeds directly to your cause.

4. Talent Showcase

Musicians play on the street for donations. Why not let students and community members put on a show to gain assistance for your school's cause? Singing, dancing, magic tricks, spoken poetry, comedy, and more are on the docket.

5. Matching Gifts Program

Launching a matching gifts program is a great way to double your profit instantly. Ask local businesses to agree to match smaller donors' gifts. For example, if a parent gives $50, the organization will provide an additional $50, and so on. Smaller donors will feel encouraged to give more, knowing their generosity's impact will multiply.

Why Being Creative Matters in Fundraising

Donors get tired of participating in the same campaign. You are not the only organization asking for donations; participants can only buy so much popcorn. You pique the donors' interest when you offer something new and exciting. Creative product fundraisers offer something different, and innovative event fundraisers provide an opportunity to experience something unique.

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Author Bio Clay Boggess, Author

Clay Boggess has been designing fundraising programs for schools and various nonprofit organizations throughout the US since 1999. He’s helped administrators, teachers, and outside support entities such as PTAs and PTOs raise millions of dollars. Clay is an owner and partner at Big Fundraising Ideas.

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