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$250 Target Back to School Giveaway

By Clay Boggess on Sep 2, 2014
$250 Target Back to School Giveaway

Celebrate going back to school by entering our $250 Target Giveaway

As summer and family vacations come to an end, many feel that their time off was way too short. Some wish they had more time to do things, while others only wanted more time to do nothing and relax.

By now, many have been back for a while, including teachers and administrators, as well as year-around public and private schools. High school students who are involved with extracurricular activities like football and band have also been back for a few weeks. However, the majority of schools across the country usually start back after Labor Day.

Back to School Shopping

Even though many of us will be glad that our sometimes bored children will be back in a structured academic environment, many parents have been focusing on back to school shopping for clothes and supplies. We want our children to look their best, while our schools will be asking us to purchase items for the classroom. This time of the year can definitely put a strain on our wallets.

Our $250 Target® Back to School Giveaway

As a result, we hope the timing is right, which is why we’re announcing our back to school giveaway where one lucky person will receive a $250 Target® gift card.

To become eligible to win, simply visit our giveaway page.

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