Why Big Event Fundraising Prize Programs Are Better

Offer an exciting prize everyone can win

What makes our big event fundraising prize programs different from other more traditional prize programs? The answer is in the results. Many have grown tired of the same prize programs year after year where the majority of the sellers only win the cheap prizes. In order to win what they really want, they simply have to sell too many items.

Is it any wonder that many schools are experiencing only about 10-15% student participation when it comes to fundraisers?

Instead of choosing a regular prize program that offers mostly inexpensive toys and prizes, schools can offer their students an exciting reward for selling just a few items out of their sales brochure. In other words, students get to trade in their toy for an amazing experience right at their school.

Big Event Fundraising Testimonial:

“We are VERY pleased with the sales. I think you were right by encouraging the idea to offer an incentive of 8 items for a cool party at 40% rather than traditional prizes at 50%...... we got TONS more to participate by selling just 8 items...that WAY boosted up our sales!!!! I'm sure we did better than we would have without the super party.”

DeAnne Glenn
Vice Principal

Schools that Made the Switch

The following schools were previously using a traditional prize program. When they made the switch to one of our big event fundraising prize programs, student participation increased significantly, thus their sales went up as well.

SchoolTraditional Prize ProgramBig Event Fundraising Prize ProgramSales Increase
Webb Elementary$20,000$43,000$23,000
Stricklin Elementary$15,000$27,000$12,000
Kostoryz Elementary$12,000$31,000$19,000
Noonan Elementary$8,000$27,000$19,000
Milton Elementary$24,000$42,000$18,000
Newgulf Elementary$35,000$47,000$12,000
Lyford Elementary$19,000$28,000$9,000
Rio Hondo Intermediate$14,000$22,000$8,000
Rodriguez Elementary$15,000$26,000$11,000

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