What Makes Our Frozen Food Fundraisers Better?

It Starts with Quality Ingredients

The distinction is in the quality and freshness of what we put into our food:

  • We use 100% real Wisconsin cheese, fresh garlic and Rotella bread products.
  • Our foods contain no trans fats because we use real butter.
  • We utilize real eggs, not artificial oils.
  • Our sauces are made from fresh California-grown tomatoes.
  • We use premium quality meats.
  • Our flours originate from the heartland of America.
  • We use real sugar as opposed to artificial sweeteners.
  • Our chocolate chip cookie dough contains real milk chocolate.

It’s all in the Preparation

How we prepare our foods makes the difference in the taste:

  • Our food products are made fresh from scratch.
  • All of our food products are produced in USDA AIBA facilities.
  • We use exclusive custom-designed recipes.
  • Our products are ‘flash frozen’ to maintain product quality and freshness.

It Ends with Dependable Deliveries

Sturdy packaging helps ensure that your customers receive a quality product every time:

  • We shrink-wrap to seal in freshness.
  • Our food products are well protected by using sturdy corrugated boxes.
  • All food is delivered frozen.

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