Super Variety Pack Pretzel Rods Ordering Guide

How to order super variety pack pretzel rods

So how many super variety pack pretzel rods should you order? There are 2 things that you need to know, group size and how much each student needs to sell.

Our super variety pack pretzel rods ordering guide will help you calculate how many cases you need, as well as how much you can make. Larger orders also receive price discounts.

Since there are 60 pretzel rods in a carrier, we suggest that students sell 1 or 2 each.

To compute your case order size, multiple the number of students in your group by the number of carriers that each student will sell.

For instance, let’s say you have 38 students and you’re asking them to each sell 1 carrier:

38 students x 1 carrier / student = 38 carriers

And since there are 4 inner carriers of 60 pretzel rods per case:

38 carriers ÷ 4 carriers / case = 9.5 (Round up to 10 cases)

How much money do we make?

In our example you end up making $960.00 profit selling each pretzel rod for $1.00 making 40% profit (See our super variety pack pretzel rods pricing & profit table).

10 cases x 4 carriers / case = 40 carriers
40 carriers x 60 pretzel rods / carrier = 2,400 pretzel rods
2,400 pretzel rods x $1.00 / pretzel rod = $2,400.00 gross sales
$2,400.00 x 40% profit = $960.00 profit

The following chart shows you how much money you can make based on group size and how much each student sells:

Super Variety Pack Pretzel Rods Profit Chart

Sellers1 Carrier/Seller2 Carriers/Seller3 Carriers/Seller4 Carriers/Seller

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