Shockwaves Sour Pops Ordering Guide

How to order Shockwaves Sour Pops

Interested in selling Shockwaves Sour Pops but not sure how many to order? Our Shockwaves Sour Pops ordering guide will help you decide how many cases you should order based on the size of your group.

We’ll also help you calculate your approximate take-home profit once you’ve decided how many lollipops you want each student to sell. In addition, groups receive price breaks depending on how much is ordered.

Each case contains 576 lollipops broken down into 8 inner carriers of 72. We recommend giving 1-2 individual bags to each student to sell.

You’ll want to know how many cases to order, so first, multiple the number of students in your group by the number of bags per seller. Then, divide the total bags by 8.

For instance, let’s say that a sponsor with 72 students wants each student to sell 2 carriers:

72 students x 2 carriers / student = 144 carriers
144 carriers ÷ 8 = 18 cases

Once the group sells their 18 cases, they will make a total of $2,695.68 since each lollipop sells for 50¢ making 52% profit (See our Shockwaves Sour Pops pricing & profit table). Here’s the math:

18 cases x 576 lollipops / case = 10,368 lollipops
10,368 lollipops x 50¢ / lollipop = $5,184.00 gross sales
$5,184.00 x 52% profit = $2,695.68 profit

Use our chart below to help you approximate the amount of money you can raise based on the size of your group and how many lollipops each student needs to sell:

 Shockwaves Sour Pops Profit Chart

Sellers1 Carrier/Seller2 Carriers/Seller3 Carriers/Seller4 Carriers/Seller
4 $144.00$216.00$288.00

We offer free shipping on your initial order and on any reorders.

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