Preorder Mug Fundraiser

How to collect mug money before ordering

Are you interested in doing a custom mug fundraiser but not sure about how much to order?

Then instead of ordering your mugs up front, you can take orders for them first. Once you know how many prepaid mugs you have, you can simply place your order. You can do this by having your students approach friends and family with a preorder mug fundraiser form and a money collection envelope.

Steps to Follow:

  1. Choose either a preorder handle mug or tumbler form.
  2. Print out enough forms for each group member.
  3. Meet with your group and explain the minimum number of mug orders each student needs to make.
  4. When taking orders, instruct your students that each mug costs $12.00.
  5. Have your students collect money up front with the orders. Any checks are made payable to your organization.
  6. Give your students a deadline date for turning in their preorder forms and money. We recommend 1-2 weeks from your initial meeting date.
  7. Collect each seller’s order form and total up the number of mugs that were sold.
  8. Place your handle mug or tumbler order. Full case orders only. Any extra mugs can be used as seller incentives or sold for additional profit. Return policy

Selling Tips:

  1. Explain to your group that the mugs will be personalized with your group name and coloring.
  2. Regularly remind your students to sell.
  3. Offer additional fundraising incentives to encourage more orders.

What You Need to Know:

  1. Profit is based on the number of cases ordered. You can make up to 50% profit on each mug.
  2. 4 case minimum order.
  3. Once your order has been placed you'll receive an artwork proof for your review. Artwork proof must be approved prior to processing your order. Order ships within 10 business days after artwork has been approved.

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