Our Pizzeria Style Brochure Pizza Ingredients

Great tasting money-saving pizzas

Pizza fundraisers are great money makers because pizza is a popular and convenient lunch or dinner treat. Simply pop one in the oven and within minutes you have a satisfying meal.

Our Pizzeria Style brochure features a wide variety of pizzas and snack items that are sure to please most every taste and budget. Here’s what goes into our pizzas:

Artisan Brand Pizzas

4 varieties each with Artisan crafted crust, tender on the inside, crisp on the outside. Real mozzarella, delicious sauce and high quality, fresh, toppings like Capicola Ham, Asiago cheese, chicken, bacon, pepperoni, sausage and more. Varieties include Chicken Carbonara, Five Cheese, Pepperoni, and Four Meat.

Breakfast Pizzas

Who says pizzas are only for dinner? Our breakfast pizzas start with a biscuit style crust, topped with creamy white gravy, scrambled eggs, Mozzarella cheese, Cheddar cheese, and laid to rest with either sausage or smoky bacon.

Pizza Snack Packs

Deep dish, 5 inch, personal pan pizzas packaged 5 to a box. Each one is individually wrapped and contain the three most popular varieties in America… Pepperoni, Cheese, and Supreme. Easy to prepare as a great meal or snack in minutes.

Pizza Dunkers

We start with a thin crust, add garlic sauce, and top it off with loads of real Mozzarella cheese. Included is a container of marinara sauce that is perfect for dipping. Cut into wedges, serve with the dipping sauce.

Pepperoni Snack Rolls

Stuffer with melted cheese and flavorsome pepperoni our mini snack rolls pack great flavor in each bite. Each order comes with 36 snack rolls.

Garlic and Bruschetta Bread

Our garlic bread is packed with a four cheese blend with garlic sauce on top of delicious Italian bread. The Bruschetta bread is topped with real Roma tomatoes, parmesan cheese, a delicious blend of garlic and basil herb mix on top of crunchy Ciabatta bread.

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