Our Excellent Quality Pizza Fundraisers

Pizza made with fresh ingredients

Pep Simek is a pizza architect. Beginning over 40 years ago at the Tombstone Tap in Medford Wisconsin, he’s been building some of America’s best pizzas. Pretty soon, Pep's patronage spread across the country and a pizza legend was born.

Pep's Pizzas are made with finely crafted crusts topped off with real meat, cheese and tomato sauce. And that's the only way you'll get a top-quality pizza. Be sure to check the ingredient labels the next time you're stocking-up on pizza! Your customers will love the product and will be happy they contributed to your effort.

As makers of our 5-pack variety pizzas, Hansen's has been a Green Bay institution since 1912 when the first home delivery of milk began. Since then, they’ve added their own special pizza recipes to their wholesale product lines. Hansen's has been in the pizza business for over 30 years.

Hansen's business has been built on a simple commitment of providing fresh, wholesome ingredients like real mozzarella cheese and pepperoni. They’ve also been certified ‘excellent’ with a 97% rating by ASI Food Rating Agency during a food processing quality systems and food safety inspection.

Our suppliers manufacture their own line of frozen pizza products. With our excellent quality pizza fundraisers, we guarantee you'll receive the best value in fundraising.

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