Neon Gel Grip Smen Ordering Guide

How to order neon gel grip smens

Ensuring that you order the right amount of smens for your group to sell is important. This is where our neon gel grip smens ordering guide comes in. You already know the size of your group. Now you just need to decide how much each student needs to sell.

In addition to determining the correct size of your order, you can also calculate how much you’ll make. You may qualify for a profit discount that’s dependent on the size of your order.

Since there are 10 inner carriers of 32 smens in a case, you can probably ask each student to sell 1 to 2 carriers. Before you determine how many cases you’re going to need for your group, here’s an example of a sponsor who has 55 students and wants each student to sell 1 carrier:

55 students x 1 carrier / student = 55 carrier
55 carrier ÷ 10 carriers / case = 5.5 (Round up to 6 cases)

If our sample group sells 6 cases, they’ll make $768.00 after keeping 45% profit (See our neon gel grip smens pricing & profit table):

6 cases x 10 carriers / case = 60 carriers
60 carriers x 32 smens / carrier = 1,920.00 smens
1,920 smens x $1.00 / smen = $1,920.00 gross sales
$1,920.00 x 40% profit = $768.00 profit

Estimate your fundraising profit using the chart below:

Neon Gel Grip Smen Profit Chart

Sellers1 Carrier/Seller2 Carriers/Seller3 Carriers/Seller
4  $153.60

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