The Key to Raising Lots of Money

How to increase participation using better rewards

What’s the key to raising lots of money?

Many organizations focus mainly on the sales brochure because it’s what people look through before making a buying decision.

However, what’s really important is being able to motivate more of your students to get out and sell and increase seller participation.

And what is the best way to increase seller participation? Give your sellers a really fun and exciting prize program with a goal and then make it easy for everyone to achieve that goal!

Col Santos Benavides Elementary raised $72,194.50!

“This is the best super party we have ever had! We had 456 students sell 12 items or more as our sales skyrocketed like never before! The students had a fantastic time with smiles on their faces. The super party was a great way to say “Thank you” to the students and parents for all of their hard work on the sale."
Caryn Fox, Assistant Principal

Webb Elementary raised $43,603.00!

"I believe the magic show has been the best prize program we have ever offered our students! I definitely would recommend the package to everyone I know. I believe we exceeded our fundraising goals because of the show. The shows are not only educational but highly entertaining as well!"
Kim Davis, PTA President

Leal Elementary raised $23,862.50!

"The Big Event Super Splash Party was excellent! It motivated those students who did not previously participate to get out and sell. Great job!"
Sonia Longoria, Fundraising Chair  

O'Grady Elementary raised $20,462.50!

"Our students loved every minute of the super splash party and I believe that is why we had our most profitable fundraiser ever!"
Monico Rodriguez, Principal  

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