Chocolatiers $2 Candy Bar Ordering Guide

How to order $2 Chocolatiers candy bars

Trying to decide how many candy bars to order? Our $2 Chocolatiers candy bar ordering guide takes into account the size of your group and what your profit goal is. A volume discount is also a factor, so larger orders can mean a higher profit percentage for your group.

Most students can sell at least 1 carrier. So to calculate how many cases you’ll need, since there are 4 carriers in a case, divide the number of students in your group by 4.

For example, a sponsor with 40 students who each sell 1 carrier would need to order 10 cases:

1 carrier/student x 40 students = 40 carriers
40 carriers ÷ 4 carriers / case = 10 cases

Thus, our sample group would make $1,248 profit by selling the candy bars for $2.00 each making 52% profit (See our $2 Chocolatiers pricing & profit table).

10 cases x 120 candy bars / case = 1,200 candy bars
1,200 candy bars x $2.00 / candy bar = $2,400.00 gross sales
$2,400.00 x 52% = $1,248.00 profit

Use the following chart as a guide to set your profit goal based on the number of students in your group and how many carriers you want each student to sell:

$2 Chocolatiers Profit Chart

Sellers1 Carrier/Seller2 Carriers/Seller3 Carriers/Seller4 Carriers/Seller

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