Quick Tips

Set a Goal for Your Sellers

Each student needs to know how many items they’re expected to sell. Use our fundraiser goal setting guide to establish a number.

When to Consider Home Delivery

If you don’t want to deal with a school delivery, consider home delivery.

A Motivational High School Incentive

Many high school sponsors use personalized embroidered sportswear to motivate their group to sell.

Preparation Fosters Fundraising Success

Successful sponsors are always prepared and organized. Make sure you company provides you with a guidebook with step-by-step instructions.

When to Schedule Your Magic Show

Special occasions occur throughout the school year, such as ‘Red Ribbon Week’. Take advantage of these opportunities by scheduling your magic show during these events.

How to Keep Your Students Excited

Don’t just make announcements during your fundraiser; keep your students excited about selling by using additional incentives.

Create a Larger Customer Base

Create as large a customer base as possible and take your fundraiser to your community and beyond.

Questions to Ask a Fundraising Company

Write down a list of questions that are important to know the answers to before you sign up with a fundraising company. Here’s our list of 10 questions you should ask.

Prize Coupons Increase Participation

Using prize drawing coupons to give away prizes or special privileges during your fundraiser will increase seller participation.

Why You Should Sell Custom Mugs to Businesses

You can significantly increase your mug sales by selling custom mugs to businesses. They usually order promotional items in larger quantities.

Use Student VIP Cards to Improve Sales

Use a student VIP card to improve sales by increasing both participation and the average number of items sold per seller.

Why Advertise Seller Progress?

You can foster competition by posting visual feedback on student selling progress. Learn how to track your sale

Use Seller Prospecting Lists

It’s easier for students to make sales if they know who to approach before they start. Have them prepare prospecting lists during your kickoff.

Boost Sales with the Money Game

Use the money game to encourage your sellers to reach periodic goals.

Add a Mystery Person to Encourage Selling

Adding a mystery person is a fun way to get high school students to sell.

Use Jump for George to Grow Sales

Offer Jump for George as a fun reward for students who reach a higher sales goal.

Get the Principal Involved

Increase credibility with your students by asking your principal to do something exciting or funny if your school reaches your fundraising goal.

Social Media Promotes Online Sales

Encourage everyone to use social media to spread the word about your online store.

Multiple Prize Winners Increase Sales

Multiple prize winners increase participation because more sellers will feel they have a chance to win something.

Improve Sales without Using Money

Offering additional incentives will bring in more sales. You can incorporate them without using money.