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Cookie Dough Fundraisers

Girl eating a cookie with a plate of cookies in the background

Choose from the best cookie dough fundraisers in the US.

We have the largest selection of cookie dough fundraisers in America with many mouth-watering flavors to choose from.

Sell cookie dough that uses real ingredients. No trans-fat or artificial oils. Offered in convenient pre-portioned cookie dough, or scoop-your-own tubs. Kosher certified.

Choose your product

  • Gourmet Cookie Favorites Brochure

    Gourmet Cookie Favorites

    Real ingredients, really good cookie dough. Each box makes 48 cookies. No trans-fat or artificial oils. Try our new White Chocolate Cranberry.

  • The Perfect Cookie Brochure

    The Perfect Cookie

    Our biggest cookie dough fundraiser. Offer a whopping 16 flavors. Comes in pre-portioned boxes or tubs. Cookie dough is Kosher Certified.

  • $10 Cookie Dough Brochure

    $10 Cookie Dough

    Thought all cookie dough was pricey? Think again. Offer 8 great flavors for one low $10 price. Available in tubs or pre-portioned boxes.

  • Delisheries Cookie Mix Brochure

    Delisheries Cookie Mix

    No refrigeration required. Includes 7 delicious cookie flavors. Mississippi Muddles Brownie and Funnel Cake mix included.

  • Team Dough Brochure

    Team Dough

    Go team go! Sell your favorite collectible college cookie dough tubs. Comes in Chunky Chocolate Chip. All tubs are officially licensed.