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Traditional Prize Programs

Students can win the latest prizes, toys and games for selling items out of their fundraising brochure.

  • World of Prizes Brochure

    World of Prizes

    World of Prizes offers 19 total prizes, including a mountain bike, electric skateboard and a $300 VISA Gift Card.

  • Deservable Me Prize Brochure

    Deservable Me Prizes

    Deservable Me prizes includes a X6 Zoom Rocket, $100 Target® gift card and an Android® 4.1 Tablet with speaker.

  • Top Secret Prizes Brochure

    Top Secret Prizes

    Students can win up to 10 Top Secret prizes including a limo ride, Mota G2 smart watch and a 50" flat screen TV.

  • Locker Full of Prizes Brochure

    Locker Full of Prizes

    Locker Full of Prizes includes a karaoke system, 200 watt stereo and an android tablet. Pick from 40 different prizes.

  • Custom School Prizes Brochure

    Custom School Prizes

    With Custom School Prizes, you can personalize your fundraising prizes with your group name, mascot & colors.