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Bruce Bray

Bruce Bray started performing at age 7 when he took weekly classes with a local performance group. Three years later, at only 10 years old, he performed his first show. He continued to perform shows after school and on weekends. When not performing he worked at a magic shop where he was able to develop a unique performing style.

Bruce has invented tricks and routines that have been utilized by other children's show performers from around the world. His work has been featured in the number one magazine in the world for magicians called “MAGIC.” Bruce is an active contributor to several educational sources and he is widely quoted in a new book, "Seriously Silly.” This cutting edge reference book for children’s entertainers is destined to be the number one book written for children’s entertainers’ world wide.

He has been a speaker and performer for teachers at the National Association for Education of Young Children (NAEYC). He will again be a part of this in 2009.

Bruce is now an integral part of the executive staff of “Kidabra” where he has both lectured and performed on numerous occasions for his peers. He has published materials for other performers and two of his lectures have been produced on CD for others to learn from.

During 2004, he CO-produced “KGB” (Kid Show Guru Brain trust). This was a conference held in New York City, designed as an interactional brain storming seminar. Attending were 12 top professional children's performers from countries around the world including Italy, Croatia, England, Venezuela, Puerto Rico, Canada, and the USA. For one week they met and shared ideas on how to raise the level of performing for children. This was so successful that it has now become an annual event held in New York, Las Vegas and was started in Mexico City in 2009.

In April 2005, Bruce was invited to perform at the White House for the famous White House Easter Egg Roll. This was the first time in over the 100 year history that they dedicated a stage as the "magic stage." The performance was so well received that he was invited back in 2006, 2007, and 2008.

Bruce is still performing 50-70 shows monthly with his "Leaping into Literature Program" for Elementary Schools as he continues to develop new programs with his team of speakers, performers, teachers and librarians.

Bruce has been featured in numerous newspapers for his countless appearances and received awards for his contribution to children's groups in the state of New Jersey. He continues to study and perform, continually improving his show and always striving for excellence and perfection. All of this started with a young boy who had imagination and a desire to entertain. He began with just a few simple magic tricks, some good books from the library and really great teachers, imagine the possibilities in your own children, by seeing the results in Bruce Bray!