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Prize Programs

Motivate students to sell from their brochure with an incentive program.

Big Events

  • Big Event Super Party

    Big Event Super Party

    Motivate your students to sell by offering them a large inflatable party as a reward for participating in their school fundraiser. The super party includes a big obstacle course, giant side, laser tag arena, midway games and much more.

  • Big Event Magic Show

    Big Event Magic Show

    Students earn free admission to an exciting magic show assembly as a reward for selling out of their brochure. Choose between 8 curriculum-based shows like ‘I Love to Read’, ‘Character Counts’ or ‘Fantastic Friends’. Students will enjoy amazing illusions like an indoor snowstorm and one of their peers floating in midair.

  • Big Event Reptile Adventures

    Big Event Reptile Adventures

    By selling just a few brochure items, students earn free admission to a live reptile show where they’ll learn about the 4 basic types of reptiles. This event is also hands-on as students will get to see and touch a variety of reptiles that have lived almost 200 years.

  • Big Event Super Splash Party

    Big Event Super Splash Party

    Get your students excited about your brochure fundraiser by offering them a huge wet inflatable party as a reward for selling just a few items. The super splash party consists of a wild rapids ride, water tag arena, giant water slide, slip ‘n slide and a lot more.

Standard Programs

  • Traditional Prize Programs


    Win the latest trends in prizes, toys and games for selling items from a brochure.

  • Sportswear and Cash Prize Programs

    Sportswear and Cash

    Earn sportswear with your organization name and colors, or win cash.