Why Jack Link’s Fundraisers Put Value First

Why the Jack Link's name makes a difference

Jack Link’s beef jerky has been around for generations. The story starts when Jack Link’s great grandfather Chris Link came to America towards the end of the 19th century with little more than his family’s sausage recipes. Before long the local communities were raving about his delicious sausages and smoked meats.

Reputation continued to grow as the town’s first general store and butcher shop was opened by Chris’ son Earl. Wolf Link then learned the meat business from his dad Earl and became a successful cattle rancher with a passion for raising the finest quality beef anywhere. However, it was Wolf’s son Jack who had the idea of turning his great grandfather’s now famous recipes into a household name.

Since Jack Link’s Fundraisers put value and reputation ahead of price, how can this be a selling advantage for groups?

Strong Repeat Sales Over Time

Even though price is a factor when it comes to fundraising, if you’re not selling a quality product, you’ll probably end up having only one good sale, your first one. After that, it will be difficult to get as many people to support your cause a second time. So why take that chance?

Jack Link’s has a longstanding tradition and commitment to produce only the highest quality and best tasting beef jerky. It took 3 years for their food scientists to develop a proprietary process that actually removes MSG and preservatives while maintaining great taste, texture and quality. In addition, almost all of the Jack Link’s products that we offer are made with 100% beef. Most competitors can’t make those claims.

The Jack Link’s Brand Sells

Items that sell the best are those that people already like and are comfortable with. Jack Link’s fundraisers already have an established reputation so the name sells itself. Plus, because people know what they’re getting, they’re often willing to pay a little more to get it. This means more profit for the group.

Quality Always Beats Price

Many people feel that if they sell less expensive items, this will translate into more buyers. This may sound logical but if you’re selling a lesser known product, even at a lower price, people usually aren’t as comfortable making a purchase.

Jack Link’s fundraisers may not be the cheapest product, but one thing’s for sure. They have a strong heritage of high-quality, innovative products that will surely get your customers attention. In the end, it’s all about the total money raised, not the lowest priced item.

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