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Church Group Fundraisers

Church Group Fundraisers

Let our church group fundraisers also promote your cause

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Prize Programs

  • Show Your Spirit Prize Program

    Show Your Spirit

    Sponsors for church group fundraisers can motivate their sellers to sell from their brochure by offering them personalized embroidered sportswear.

  • Cash Prize Programs

    Cash Prize Programs

    Make money for selling items out of a brochure. Cash can be rewarded individually, or added to the group profit.


  • Super-Size Beef Stick Tote - jl-88260

    Super-Size Beef Stick

    Super-size your beef sticks and make more profit. Super-Size Beef Sticks are made with 100% beef and are low in sugar.

  • Front and back of little league discount card - discount-card

    Discount Cards

    We’ll design and build your personalized discount card with your choice of local businesses on the back.