How a Custom Mug Fundraiser Benefits Businesses

Your sellers can greatly enhance their sales if, in addition to approaching family and friends, they can also sell [url=/specialty-fundraisers/custom-school-tumbler]custom mugs[/url] to businesses. This is an ideal opportunity because a business may become interested in placing a larger bulk order once they understand how a personalized mug can help them promote it. For example, a car dealership can give away a free mug as a way of saying thanks for taking a test drive.
Each mug can be designed with the name of the business, business logo, colors and contact information. It’s like providing a potential customer with a business card that can also be used for something else.
Here are the steps that your students will need to follow in order for a custom business mug to be designed for a local business:

Obtain Needed Business Information

First obtain a business card along with a black and white, laser-quality business name and logo on a clean sheet of paper. Tell the business contact person that the mug’s design will be identical to what's on the sheet. No manual drawings or sketches will be processed. They can select any 2 colors from the following chart. Make sure the 2 color choices are also written down on the sheet:

BlackRoyal BlueTealGoldenrodPinkGreyMetallic Silver
PurpleSky BlueHunter GreenYellowMaroonOrange
Navy BluePowder BlueGreenRedBrownMetallic Gold
  1. Each business must purchase a minimum of 50 mugs at $12 each, plus a $50.00 artwork processing fee. Tax may be applicable in some states.
  2. Obtain a check with their order payable to your organization.

Take Your Mug Order

Fill in the order form as follows:

Customer NamePhone NumberItem #Qty.DescriptionPriceTaxTotal
John Doe123-555-1212Bus.50Business Mug
([u]See Attached[/u])

Then staple the sheet and the business card to the back of your order form prior to turning it in. The business will receive an artwork proof form that must be signed by the business and faxed back to 361-980-9939 prior to their mugs being printed. Mugs are shipped directly to the business along with a receipt for their records.
[b]The Benefits:[/b]

  • Businesses often buy marketing and promotional items in mass quantity so they're used to placing larger orders.
  • Students get a big order while only having to approach one potential customer.
  • Students move up to the bigger and better prize levels instantaneously.
  • Your students raise significantly more money for your organization.

How much money could your group make if each student was able to sell custom mugs to a business?

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