$2 Super-Size Beef Sticks

$2 Super-Size Beef Sticks Fundraising Product jl-88260

Super-size your beef sticks and make more profit. Super-Size Beef Sticks are made with 100% beef and are low in sugar.

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Packaging: 144 items per case (6 inner totes of 24)
Item Size: 1.5 oz.
Selling Price: $2.00
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How to order super-size beef sticks

Based on the size of your group, you can determine how much you should order as well as calculate your profit. You will qualify for pricing discounts based on the size of your order.

We suggest providing 1-2 totes to each student. Each tote contains 24 super-size beef sticks.

To find out how many cases you should order, multiply the number of students in your group by the number of totes that you want them to sell. Then take that total and divide by 6, since there are 6 totes in a case.

Let’s look at an example. A sponsor with 56 students wants everyone to sell 1 tote each:

56 students x 1 tote / student = 56 totes
56 totes ÷ 6 totes / case = 9.3 (Round up to 5 cases)

Since each tote contains 24 beef sticks, and there are 6 totes in a case, that means that 144 beef sticks / case x 10 cases = 1,440 total beef sticks would be sold. Each super-size beef stick sells for $2.00, so the gross sale would be $2,880.00. The group would ended up making $1,008.00 because they'd receive 35% profit.

10 cases x 144 units / case = 1,440 beef sticks
1,440 units x $2.00 / unit = $2,880.00 gross sales
$2,880.00 x 35% profit = $1,008.00 profit

Use the chart below to help you project how much you can make based on how many students you have, and how much you want them to sell:

Super-Size Beef Sticks Profit Chart

Sellers1 Tote/Seller2 Totes/Seller3 Totes/Seller4 Totes/Seller

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